Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools For WordPress 2018

Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools For WordPress 2018
Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools For WordPress 2018

Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools For WordPress 2018

Nowadays blogging is done by Bloggers and Digital Marketers. And dream of every blogger and digital marketer is to rank there blog post on top. But Ranking their article or blog post on search engines need On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. So for On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, we have some SEO tools and WordPress SEO plugins that should be used for WordPress optimization.

So in this article, we will share Top best SEO plugin for WordPress 2018.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools For WordPress 2018
Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools For WordPress 2018
  1. Yoast SEO Plugin:-

It is one of the highest ranking wordpress seo plugin suggested by many popular bloggers.This wordpress seo plugin comes with two version.

One is free for use and another one is paid i.e Premium.

Let me tell you some specification of the free version of this wordpress seo tool.

Yoast Seo Free membership allows optimizing following things:-

  • Readability :- It will analyze the readability of the content written by you and calculate the Flesch Reading Ease score.
  • Duplicate content :- It will avoid confusing Google with duplicate content, by setting canonical URL s.
  • Optimize Keywords :- It will optimize only one keyword.
  • Doesn’t Require Technical Background :- It doesn’t matter whether you know anything about coding. This wordpress seo plugin makes sure your technical configuration rolls out the red carpet for search engines.
  • Updates and Upgrades Automatically :- This seo plugin is updated every 2-weeks, as listed on Yoast,so you don’t have to care about your website is optimized for the most recent Google algorithm or not.

These all are the specification of free version Yoast seo plugin.

Now come to paid version as above mention specification same in paid version also but some new features added in this wordpress seo plugin.

Let’s start

  • Optimize Keywords :- In paid version of yoast seo tool, you can get up to 5-keywords for each page to be optimized.(In free its only one)
  • Automatic Internal linking suggestions :- It’s a premium feature which only comes in the paid version with the help of this tool you can get suggestions for links to other pages on your website, as you write.
  • Content Insights :- With the help of this feature it will show you the 5-words or phrases you use the most on your page. Which enables you to check if they’re a match with your chosen keywords or not.
  • Keyword Export:- With the help of this feature you can easily export your focus keywords.
  • Support:- With premium membership youget 24/7 support.
  • Ads : In the premium plan, there is no advertisement.
  • Redirect :- This feature enables automatic redirection of URL of pages that are deleted.

So its all about Yoast SEO Free And Paid Version Now come To second seo wordpress plugin.


Keyword Researching is a very essential for blogging to rank your articles on the top of search engines.

It is only possible by Keyword Researching Tools there are several paid and free tools available on the web. In this article section, we will going to cover one free keyword researching tool which help beginner blogger to rank articles easily.

Some Best Features of this seo tool are:-

  • With the Free version of this Keyword Tool. You can generate up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term.
  • This Keyword Tool is extremely reliable as it works 99.99% of the time
  • And The main best feature is you can use Keyword Tool absolutely for free, even without creating an account.
  • You can use this seo tool for your keyword research.

3.SEOquake :-

SEOQuake is a seo tool that is available as an extension(add on) in your browser you can add this via this link SEOQuake.

This seo tool is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari web browsers.

It allows you to check SEO related information of any website.

Features of this seo tool :-

  • SEObar :- With the help of seobar you can get an instant SEO summary for any web page you’re browsing in your browser. As well as you can also put the seobar off if you don’t need it.
  • Dashboard : — If you are not interested to see extra bars in your browser than this tool come with a SEO dashboard. With a brief SEO overview, including Page, Domain details.
  • Export – You can easily Export your SEOquake data with this feature easily.

So these all above mention three seo tools are very basic and very helpful for bloggers if they were starting.



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