Difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org ? Complete Details

wordpress.com vs wordpress.org
wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

Difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org ? Complete Details 

There are  lots of confusion in the minds of bloggers and web developer related to WordPress.

Because there are two wordpress platforms one is wordpress.org and other one wordpress.com.

In this post we cover both the topics wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

So let me start with wordpress.org

What is wordpress.org 

It’s a platform which allows user to create their own website or blog for free. Actually not for free because you have to pay for domain name and web hosting. It is an open source free to use Content Management System (Blog Publishing Tool) which is free of cost.

So How WordPress.org is free ?

Actually you don’t have to pay for installing wordpress.org software on your server its free but you have to pay the cost of web hosting if you want to run your website live. This wordpress.org doesn’t provide you any web hosting.

That’s why its free.

Yes you can also use any free web host to host your website. So there is no need to pay any cost so wordpress.org is free.

Now let’s talk about Pros of wordpress.org :

1. The wordpress.org CMS is free to use for lifetime.

2. You can add any paid or free plugins and themes on your website or blog. According to your choice.

3. You can make money from your wordpress site without sharing your revenue to someone else.

4. You can use lots of free and paid seo tools to rank your website fast.

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5.You can also create your e-commerce website with lots of free tools.Also,there are paid tools if you want to use it.

6. You can also create web forums, create membership sites and sell memberships to other.


Now let’s talk about Cons of wordpress.org :

1. You need web hosting at it should be paid or free depend on you.

2. The backups and update of your website is all depend on you. You are responsible for all these.

Now lets talk about wordpress.com 

So What is wordpress.com ?

WordPress.com is a service which provide web hosting to run websites and blog. With this you get pre-installed CMS which allow you to do blogging and manage your website.

It’s pricing as .

Free ( No cost to pay)– Very Limited Space.

Personal — $36 per year.

Premium — $99 per year

Business — $299 per year

VIP — starting at $5000 per month.

Now let’s talk about Pros of wordpress.com :

1. You get free web hosting to host your website(limited space).

2. All the updates are automatically done you don’t have to worry about it.

3. All the site backups are done by wordpress.com

Now let’s talk about Cons of wordpress.com :

1. You can’t edit the source and custom code of the website.

2. You can’t upload any custom themes.

3.You can’t install any custom plugins.

4.You can’t build any membership website with wordpress.com.

5.If you use free plan then on your website wordpress will show own ads.

6. You can’t have any right to put your ad codes (free plan) on your wordpress website. If you want to earn from free plan then you have to enroll for word ads where your earned revenue will also share with them.

So as our topic is WordPress.com vs WordPress.org then the question is which one is best ?

In my opinion if you want to make money online from blogging or from your website with low investment then you can use wordpress.org.

And if you want only to do blogging as a passion not to make money then wordpress.com is best for you.

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